Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Looking a bit odd?

Every now and then you might spot an unusual bird in your garden. Sometimes this will simply be an unfamiliar species, perhaps something that has strayed off course on migration, but on other occasions it may turn out to be a familiar species with some form of plumage abnormality. Such abnormalities may involve problems with the pigments that give the bird's plumage its colour and we want to find out more about these.
You can help us by learning more about plumage abnormalities and by completing our simple online survey if you have seen a bird with unusual plumage. Perhaps it was a Blackbird with a few white feathers, or a House Sparrow with very washed out looking plumage.
Check out this House Sparrow, photographed by John Harding
Leucism in a House Sparrow, by John Harding

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